Profhilo – Rebuild Collagen & Reduce Fine Lines & Wrinkles

Profhilo® is an innovative, state-of-the-art hyaluronic acid (HA), injectable skin remodelling system, which can assist in the rejuvenation of the skin’s architecture. When expertly placed into 5 key areas of the face, by a fully-qualified and trained practitioner, Profhilo® stimulates 4 different types of collagen and elastin, the vital components of youthful, toned skin; which diminish considerably as we age. It does this due to the slow release of the highest-quality hyaluronic acid; a naturally occurring substance within the body, found in the skin, joints, eyes and connective tissues.

The stimulation of these vital and skin-building substances results in the significant improvement of skin tone and texture. Profhilo® is not a traditional dermal filler and will not build volume, but in a course of 2 treatments, can significantly improve the signs of aging that most of us will notice with time. Profhilo®n can be used as a stand-alone treatment or can complement other aesthetic treatments such as wrinkle-smoothing injections and dermal fillers.

How long do results last?

You should enjoy more hydrated and glowing skin for up to six months following your initial treatment with Profhilo®, however, results vary from patient to patient. Lifestyle and environmental factors can have a dramatic effect on your skin and the results from Profhilo®. If you smoke, drink a lot of alcohol and expose your skin to UV rays without sun protection, you may find that you need to return for another treatment sooner than expected.

How many treatments will I need?

2 treatments are advised 1 month apart. Those with more advanced signs of ageing may be advised to have a further 1 or 2 treatments at 6 months after the initial treatment.

Why should someone have this treatment?

If you are experiencing the initial or more advanced signs of facial aging and are experiencing lines, wrinkles, sagging or lax skin, Profhilo® can offer you significant results without the use of traditional dermal fillers or invasive surgery.

What happens during treatment?

Profhilo® is administered via a small needle at 5 key points around the treatment area. It is a fairly straightforward procedure and you will not need any pre-numbing or anaesthetic substances. A course of 2 treatments, a month apart is recommended and for those with more advanced signs of ageing, a 3rd and potentially a 4th treatment may be advised. After your treatment, you will be given some aftercare advice and can leave the clinic to continue your daily activities, though it is advisable to rest for a few hours following the treatment and not undergo strenuous exercise or to have any hot steam treatments, saunas or hot baths. It’s important to keep the skin clean afterwards, so avoiding makeup for 24 hours is also advisable.

Does it hurt?

Anaesthetic is not used for a Profhilo® as it is not generally required. The injections may sting briefly and you may experience a mild discomfort, but this is normal and will subside. After your treatment you may experience some tenderness for around 24 to 72 hours.

Am I suitable for Profhilo®?

Profhilo® is aimed at those patients who have visible signs of ageing skin. Therefore, it is most commonly used for those who are aged between 30 and 60. However, our younger patients also find that Profhilo® offers a preventative effect.

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