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LED Light Therapy

Neo Elegance LED mask is a light therapy treatment that rejuvenates the skin in a multitude of ways. Using three light treatment settings and one galvanic current, the Neo Elegance LED mask is used to nourish, restore and rebalance the skin, with anti-ageing capabilities.  The mask’s three treatment settings allow for the treatment of multiple skin ailments, using the red light for skin rejuvenation, blue to treat acne, purple for anti-inflammatory, healing and aftercare, plus galvanic current to nourish and allow the pores to absorb nutrients.

Who can have LED light treatment?

LED light treatment is suitable for men and women and all skin types – if you have skin, LED can work for you!

What does LED Light treatment feel like?

LED light is low level and so there is no heat – it is completely painless.

How will I look after treatment?

There are no marks or redness after treatment. Skin should look more calm, fresh, plump and hydrated.

How many treatments do I need?

As with many anti-ageing treatments, the more you have, the more your skin will benefit. There is no limit to how many treatments you can have or how often you have them. If you are suffering with an outbreak, you can even have treatment daily. Two- four 30 minutes sessions a week for two weeks then followed up by a single weekly session can also help your skins concerns.

Can LED light harm me?

No – the light is of one wavelength and there is no harmful elements to it such as UV rays that is present in sunshine or sunbeds.

Led Light TherapySingle Treatments
Face & Neck Photo-Facial
Combined for a 45-minute treatment, LED Photofacial is a perfect way to boost your Red or Blue LED therapy. For 30minutes, your Red LED therapy will stimulate circulation, collagen production and help reduce inflammation to banish the signs of ageing. We then fortify these great effects with our exfoliator and cleansing system to help remove surface oils, impurities and dead skill cells to calm and soothe your skin. Lastly our Vit- C Serum, containing L-ascorbic acid, is applied. This acts as an anti-oxidant to neutralize free radicals and prevent skin damage on a cellular level to help slow down the process of ageing.
This photofacial will include: Cleansing, Exfoliation, LED, Vit C serum, SPF