We know more than anyone else that there are a lot of various businesses and experts that offer laser hair removal  as a treatment to customers. For some, it’s one of the main things that they do and have built their business around, for others it’s a handy “add-on” that they are experimenting with. In a marketplace where everyone has varying prices, experience and packages, it can be hard to make sure you pick the right one.

With that in mind, we’ve put together a few things to look for (or ask about) when you’re deciding to find the best place for laser hair removal treatment.


As hinted at in the introduction, the experience gap is often varied amongst laser hair providers. Some providers, such as ourselves, have undertaken thousands of treatments. For some however, they may be offering laser hair removal for the first time since it’s become such a trendy and convenient thing to offer. In laser hair removal, experience really counts. You want a practitioner who knows what they are doing, can answer all of your questions confidently and might even suggest that it’s not appropriate for your skin type based on previous results they’ve had. It’s always best to go with an experienced hand rather than an untried novice.


Like experience levels, the industry has a large mix of technologies and machines. Some technologies are state of the art and at the cutting edge, some are less reliable and potentially unsafe. If you pick a clinic that is using out-of-date technology not only might you not get the best results but you’ll also not enjoy all the improvements to comfort, efficiency and safety that come with newer models. Clinics that care about their customers will often invest and reinvest in the latest technology so that they can offer the very best service – even if it is likely to cost their business more. Never be scared to ask about what technology a clinic uses so that you go away and do your own research to find out how it’s rated in the industry.


It’s really important for any prospective laser hair removal virgins out there to make sure they have a consultation beforehand. Laser hair removal doesn’t always work for everyone and certain lasers are required for certain skin types. We always recommend a free consultation in advance to make sure you’re suitable, explain what happens and go through cost options. If a clinic doesn’t offer a consultation you should always try to request one, so you are fully confident and informed about expected results, technology, safety and cost. Furthermore, you really shouldn’t be charged for a consultation – most reputable clinics provide these free of charge.


Above all else, it’s always worth taking a look at what other customers have previously said about the clinic. Search online for laser hair removal on independent platforms such as Google Reviews or Trustpilot and look for whether they have a strong rating, do they have any negative reviews and if so – do they deal with them with a response. Strong laser removal clinics will usually want to rectify any negativity and work hard to resolve a poor customer experience.